Written by:

Brooks Mendenhall

It is hard to comprehend
The passing of someone
So resolute and constant
In their determination
To make tomorrow
A better day for all of us
I don’t know how you felt about the Dead
“​It's the same story the crow told me;
it's the only one he knows.
Like the morning sun
you come
and like the wind you go.​”
But those guitars
On ​Uncle John’s Band Remind me of you
I haven’t written a poem In fifty-four days
I’m sorry Jim
It stops tonight
For forgetting my grocery bags
Or consciously leaving them
When I’m already in the warm car
And I remember them
Stacked on top of the fridge
For giving up slowly
When I read what we’ve done
With the ocean
How in 2048
There won’t be anything swimming
How today there's nothing swimming
Without a bellyful of plastic
For forgetting a grin
That pointed me toward a light
Jim, I’m sorry
I rode my bicycle
down Cedar Creek last week
And thought to send you an email
Maybe just say thanks again
It’s cruel, but I won’t stay sad Thank you for teaching me beauty
In small moments
I saw two whitetail deer
Just minutes before learning of your passing
Startled by my bicycle
Disappear into a forest in Tennessee